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by David Murdoch Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:10 PM EST

LaCantina is an Australian company founded over 15 years ago. They were the first company to set up production facilities dedicated to Bi-Fold doors in the United States and Australia and make a great addition to our folding door options. LaCantina Doors Logo


LaCantina believes they have perfected their bifold door design through customer feedback and product testing. They have developed their own unique door panel with a narrow-stile and rail profile to allow the right balance of glass and light and to emphasize open spaces.

Custom Design

The company has developed and engineered many of their doors components to ensure that the doors are of the highest quality and maintain superior performance and sustainability. Each door can be custom made for each customer with no limit on the quantity of doors ordered. LaCantina doors are backed by a 10-year limited warranty in the United States.


LaCantina Doors strives to be environmentally responsible and supportive of green building practices by using recycled packaging materials and FSC approved wood products. These folding doors contribute to improved natural daylight and fresh air ventiliation, two major parts of green design.

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